What is a CRM and Back Office for?

If you've worked in the Forex industry, whether you're an FX veteran or a newcomer, you've definitely come across forex CRM's before.

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A CRM is where all the client data is stored. This goes from when they register (e-mail/contact number/verified documents) to all communication that is made with the client thereafter, and all of their transaction history.

client data safely and securely stored

Each and every department in the company needs to access this information and use it for different, but equally important purposes.

Forex CRM cloud

You are probably familiar with a number of different CRMs, each company housing a different solution, so you are aware of both the good and bad points of such systems. However, did you ever use a CRM that had absolutely everything you needed? Or were there constant glitches in the system, errors that needed reporting, daily development that interrupted your work process, or large scale projects that never ceased to end, halting or crippling your IT department and taking their time away from more urgent matters (such as developing something that would actually bring the company profit)?

branded CRM on all devices

We know the answer is YES!

Because the FX Back office creators have worked in this industry for over ten years, with career experience ranging from IT, back office, compliance, marketing, dealing, and finance up to executive director level, we know EXACTLY what is needed to run an FX business successfully on a day to day basis, and thankfully, we took the time to develop a solution based on what made our previous companies thrive, so you don't have to.

This is why you should use a Forex CRM and back office solution to better your business



Time, money and experience are the three key things you need in order for your business to boom. You may be sitting there thinking ‘but I have all these things, (or the company I work for has all these things) time, money, and experienced employees, so I/we must be doing quite well' – WRONG.

Indeed, you may have the time, money and experience, but what ever happened to wanting more – more time, more money, more experience. What happened to wanting to get the most out of your employees, freeing up their TIME, making it possible to make more MONEY, with the added guarantee of EXPERIENCE.


This is EXACTLY what FX back office offers you the chance to do.

These are just some of the benefits of using our CRM which helps you to easily manage your day to day activities. By using our CRM you never have to worry that errors will occur, you free up your IT departments time to focus on more important tasks, you are able to automate most back office functions and marketing tools such as the translation system, e mail system and campaign management features are already available so you don't need to spend time and money developing them.

From the financial point of view, your finance department can create reports in seconds, saving hours and hours of the day and allowing them to research into better providers and suppliers in order to save money for your company.

As we worked within CySEC regulated companies, our entire system is catered towards the demands of the regulatory environment – phone calls can be stored, evidence that company documents have been accepted are attached to the client profile and your back office department are automatically notified of the expiration of important client documents. We also offer the full CySEC questionnaire within our Client Cabinet (which we update as per the circulars) incase your marketing or compliance department missed anything.

CySEC compliant CRM
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