Start Your Own Crypto Exchange

To start your own Crypto exchange, Setup Brokerage is the prime platform providing absolute solution for trading.

If you are a company searching for experienced and reputed crypto technology, competency, transparency, safety and reliability also deep liquidity, then Crypto Exchange by ForexBrokerageSetup is the best proven solution for you.

Our Crypto Exchange Benefits Are:

Tested and Verified

Our Crypto exchange is proven as it holds the power of more than 20,000 trades per second and is based on the most efficient and advanced matching engine.

Profound Liquidity

The benefit also includes that it is for various prime cryptocurrencies such as NEO, ETH, LTC, DASH, NEO, BTC and ERC20 coins.

Safety and Reliability

In order to make your clients feel safe and secure, complete security is taken care of such as MultiSig, Email Notifications, withdrawal limits and 2FA.

Now make use of dedicated registration links to push your customers forward. Allow multiple payment methods, including cryptos, to deposit smoothly. With CRM integrated in Client Office, now monitor deposits, withdrawals, accounts and new leads.

Important Functions Of ForexBrokerageSetup Are:

  • Account log and verification
  • REST API and Platform API
  • Withdrawal and deposit history
  • With list of instruments available now watch the market.
  • Enjoy 2 user interface which is Pro and Basic
  • Everything is displayed such as Transaction history, Cancelled orders or active orders
  • Maker or taker commission
  • Administrator and Back Office application
  • In each cryptocurrency find deposit and withdrawal options
  • 2 factor authentication setting

Now you can visit ForexBrokerageSetup website in order to try our demo account and without spending you can learn and enjoy trading also if you would like to understand about our solution, you can simply download our ForexBrokerageSetup system overview.

setfx Whtsapp
setfx Whtsapp