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Handover your white label brokerage to ForexBrokerageSetup

Are you not happy with the services provided by your current MT5 White Label Brokerage technology provider and your are in search for the most cost effective solutions? We at ForexBrokerageSetup assists to progress accounts and orders to our server. You will improve the productivity of your transaction flow by reducing turnover fees by transferring your White Label to ForexBrokerageSetup.

At ForexBrokerageSetup, our customers have grown well by saving somewhere from $2500 to $11000 even and that too on a monthly basis. Through moving to ForexBrokerageSetup's White Label, we have already helped several Forex brokers increase their profits. We would be able to estimate your potential savings by knowing your monthly fees, only if in case you need cost optimization.

Lower down the costs of your FX White Label

No fees for turnover

We do not charge turnover fees in ForexBrokerageSetup for execution of A-Book or B-Book in MT5.

Monthly fees set

We charge a fixed monthly fee instead of a turnover fee for our services. We keep the cost of our customers consistent and convenient to determine.

Easy access to the bridge

Now you can protect minimum monthly or turnover fees on the bridge. FX-Edge liquidity provider ensures free FX-Edge connectivity through MT5 Bridge.

Enhance platform cost

Either on a very convenient price you can take up our ForexBrokerageSetup server or to your MT5 server you could pick additional websites, desktops, mobile platforms.

Secure on hedge account

For managing a hedge account at FX-Edge, ForexBrokerageSetup's White Label clients will not be charged a minimum monthly fee.

What we offer:

Tools for onboarding customers

Now make use of dedicated registration links to push your customers forward. Allow multiple payment methods, including cryptos, to deposit smoothly. With CRM integrated in Client Office, now monitor deposits, withdrawals, accounts and new leads.

Broad customization options

In order to get your unique solution and fully customize your environment, use our MT5 White Label Manager application. The app allows more settings to be changed than in MT5 Manager.


There is no limit on the number of accounts you hold, you can also go with unlimited accounts.


Get instant access to the Matching Engine based institutional No Last Look liquidity. Now you can make use of our bridge to link completely free of charge to a deep pool of liquidity from our partner.

Execution of the Order

Benefit from our fast and efficient performance. Enjoy complete freedom to keep or route orders on your book (B-Book) to any liquidity (A-Book). When using our matching engine technology, B-Book execution is free of charge.

Provides Data

For over 100 CFDs, including cryptos, reliable market feeds are instant. Our patented bridging platform streams rates.

Solutions Customized

Come in contact with ForexBrokerageSetup as we help you in developing and enhancing your products you need as we at ForexBrokerageSetup truly believe in making our clients priority by listening to them.

Ways to transfer your forex brokerage to ForexBrokerageSetup:

Tell us what your monthly fees are, so we can estimate your potential savings

Our support team will assist in transferring accounts and orders to our server

Concentrate on running your business and take advantage of cost optimisation

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