Forex Services

ForexBrokerageSetup offers a broad range of forex services important to develop a feasible FX or Crypto company:


Broker’s Cryptocurrency Liquidity

In order to set up a new firm in proper administration, we have truly strengthen a network of agents all around the globe. These agents will help you out and advise you with the most worthy solutions whether its about the right time, cost incurred or usability. On top of it if you wish to obtain a forex or crypto license in Asia, Africa or Europe to start your business in accordance with all legal requirements, these agents are surely going to help you out with it.

Solutions for payments

At Present regulations for Crypto and FX firms have become illiberal. Having reputed payment providers, most of the brokers face difficulties in opening a bank account or merchant account. The options accessible for FX brokers or crypto companies could be reached by making use of our network of agents. In addition to this, we provide crypto payment solutions evolved by ForexBrokerageSetup.

Consulting solutions

Many new FX brokers or Cryptocurrency firms lack experience in some areas of conducting this specific type of business.Therefore, we provide business experience and advisory services on legal issues, risk management, sales strategy, technology and any other that is required for all of our clients.

Maintenance of MT5 Hosting and IT Server

Most of the brokers simply run servers from their own premises and hire committed IT experts to perform the given task. In order to reduce the cost we offer a service that helps brokers to pass on support and hosting to our company for their MT5 servers. Servers are linked to a 24/7 monitoring system that verifies all of the server’s important parameters and if any problem is there an automatic email is sent. At ForexBrokerageSetup we do take care of all important factors related to MT5 such as updates, restart and related issues.

Support for MT5 Trading Server

Few clients of ours who have their own MT5 servers face problems with various trading related issues but our committed support staff will help you out in handling all tasks related to trading.

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