MT5 Risk Management Tool

FoeforexBrokerage’s MT5 risk management tool made to control broker’s portfolio

ForexBrokerageSetup MT5 Risk Management System is a Broker Analytics tool that enables tight management from a central location of essential client risk exposures also ForexBrokerageSetup MT5 risk management system gives you a complete overview of your book as the reporting tools allow the development of reports in real time, planned and ad hoc and all its features are available from a web interface that is very simple and intuitive.In our program, the consumer, liquidity provider or network will easily identify risk exposures. You can build strong risk profiles in this way.

Risk management system benefits:
  • Review of the efficiency of trading clients
  • Assessment of the risk profile of trading clients
  • Risk portfolio analysis by instrument, customer and platform
  • Data and sales charts deposits and volumes of trade
  • Can be integrated with external MT5 servers
  • Unprofitable customer identification
  • A/B Book optimization
  • Advanced reporting of all transactions
  • Full transparency of profit and loss
  • Hedge monitor enabling you to regulate the visibility of your hedge
  • Tendencies, trends, variance and changes within the portfolio
  • Committed support and advisory

In order to ensure that all the customers are fully equipped with required knowledge while making use of the products, we do provide complete support and consulting services to our customers.

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