Liquidity Provider

Setup Brokerage Pro offers an exchange like experience for Forex brokers as the system helps to create clear and autonomous ECN Liquidity Provider Forex market.

We have the credibility to smoothly scale your business as our solution is a robust system with an integrated matching engine to become an autonomous liquidity provider.

Reasons to opt for ForexBrokerageSetup pro system:

Cutting Edge Technology

The approach is based on an ultra-fast matching engine that guarantees your customers no requests, no refusals and no last glance.

Connectivity of FIX & Bridge

Spread your liquidity to multiple FX platforms such as MT5, xStation, cTrader via FIX protocol and MT5 Bridges like ForexBrokerageSetup, PrimeXM, OneZero.

Combine Several LPs

In order to connect multiple liquidity providers to the matching engine, now create your own pool of liquidity.

Completely Labelled Platform

Web-based platform with a manager and administrator program branded with your concept.

Impact On The Cost Of Business

There is just a monthly fee involved and no other turnover fee, therefore comparatively less set up cost in order to enter institutional forex industry.

Execution of the A-book and B-book

Based on the turnover fee, now deliver your customers A- book and B-book execution.


With ForexBrokerageSetup begin your own liquidity provider:

  • Consultancy prior to start
  • Connection to FX-Edge
  • Setting up a system ready to use
  • Help connect LPs and customers
  • Hosting in OVH in Roubaix
  • Deduction on MT5 Bridge
  • System management training
  • 25/5 Support team for you